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The Review Analytics (REtics) project employs Artificial Intelligence to harness online reviews to offer tourism stakeholders insightful, data-driven tools for quality, sustainable tourism, emphasising underserved sectors like museums, tours, and public sites.


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Research & Development

Type of Work

Natural Language Processing

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Review Analytics

The REtics project sets out to use Artificial Intelligence to enhance the tourism industry by using online reviews or electronic word-of-mouth, a data source that's been vastly underutilised until now. The project acknowledges the importance of the tourist's voice in shaping quality and sustainable tourism. 

REtics aims to provide tourism industry stakeholders with the tools to effectively monitor and manage this data. These tools form part of a reputation management software suite, typically employed by marketers, product owners, and decision-makers.

A standout feature of the software is its ability to gather data from various sources in an automated manner. This data is then processed using innovative AI-based techniques, yielding valuable insights for each organisation.

By harnessing the power of the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision techniques, REtics aims to provide insights into both text and visual data that are commonly found in reviews.

Importantly, the software is designed to offer flexibility, tailoring its output to suit the specific needs of each stakeholder and the nature of their business. It recognises the difference in interpretation of customer feedback between a boutique hotel and a museum, for instance. The project focuses on offering this solution to those stakeholders in the tourism industry who are not currently served by existing solutions, such as those managing museums, tours and activities, and public sites like beaches. In essence, REtics aims to enable a more responsive, visitor-centric approach in the tourism industry by putting valuable data-driven insights at the disposal of stakeholders.

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