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Beyond Museums

The team at Beyond Museums is dedicated to helping museums, cultural heritage institutions, and tourism entities create experiences that not only entertain but also educate and inspire visitors, while promoting responsible tourism and preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Beyond Museums' project portfolio page showcases a carefully curated collection of completed projects in collaboration with various clients. Our team's responsibilities ranged from designing concepts, drafting specifications, and monitoring the implementation by third-party contractors. With our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, each project was delivered to the highest standards, exceeding our clients' expectations.


"Face to Face with Caravaggio"

An Audio-Visual Interactive Projection Experience, Caravaggio Wing, is located in St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta. This 40-linear-metre projection experience focuses on the masterpiece "The Beheading of St John," and visitors can explore the intricate details of this painting.

F2F - 1


Augmented Reality Experience

The Mediterranean Conference Centre features "Reliving the Sacra Infermeria", an innovative AR experience on the premises of the former state-of-the-art hospital of the Knights of St John. This interactive offering leverages advanced tech to give visitors a different experience


"Meet Caravaggio" docudrama

This is a 9-minute docudrama that runs at the Caravaggio Wing, located in St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta. It provides an engaging and historically accurate portrayal of the life and work of Caravaggio, utilising the latest trends in film production.

Meet Caravaggio


"Meet Caravaggio" Theatre Design

This docudrama is displayed in 4K resolution, providing an immersive experience for viewers. The theatre features an advanced technological audiovisual setup, which enhances the production's impact.


Interactive Displays

Two high-tech interactive displays with large screens and software were designed for St Jerome's room at the Caravaggio Wing.  These displays offer visitors an immersive experience and detailed insights into the painting's history and background, utilising the latest technology.



Holographic Display

We designed an interactive projection-based holographic display at the Sacra Infermeria, offering visitors a unique and engaging experience. This innovative display allows visitors to interact with an avatar and gain valuable insights into the site's history and significance.


Data Programme

Our team supports Heritage Malta as it undergoes a transformational process to foster a data culture and become more data-driven. We provide the necessary support, guidance, and expertise to facilitate this process. Heritage Malta is empowered to leverage data insights, make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency and enhance the visitor experience.

servizz logo.jpeg


UX and AI Advisory 

Our team supports's service and operation enhancement through user experience design. We provide advice on AI integration for the Maltese Government's customer service. This project aims to optimise the user experience and improve overall service delivery.

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