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Technology Services


Think of us as the Technology Architects
of your Next Idea.

  • We will be there when you need to polish a concept. 

  • We draw up the technical specifications needed to realise it.

  • We support the procurement process to choose the right contractors to implement the project.

  • We supervise and support the contractors while keeping your vision at the centre of implementation.

  • We represent your interests during implementation and commission it when complete.

  • We support your staff and organisation to take ownership of the final product.

  • We carry out quality assurance processes to ensure that the original concept and vision are kept in check.  



Research &

Grounding ideas in scientific principles adds to their chance of success.  We will help you benchmark your idea on an international level while developing prototypes to refine it.


Data Science &Artificial Intelligence

No entity can afford to ignore the importance of AI and its implications on any entity.  We are equipped to help you make the best use of your data and to deploy AI to improve efficiency.


Technology Support during Procurement 

Technical Terms of References in tenders and an efficient BPQR grid stand in the way between your concept and quality implementation. We will support your procurement team in this preparation. 


Quality Assurance

Everyone agrees that quality is essential in post-covid tourism.  Measuring and assuring quality is an emerging topic.  We can help with our advanced data driven methods.


Concept Design & 

Conceptualisation of ideas is the first step towards the realisation of ideas.  We will help you create an initial concept of the idea accompanied by an estimate costing exercise and plan.


User & Customer
Experience Design

Understanding the needs of customers, visitors or users paves the way for solid design.  We will help you take all the necessary steps to ensure that user centred design is present in your project.



We safeguard your technical interests during the implementation of projects and concepts.  We manage the process and ensure it follows the desired design and specifications in all phases of implementation and deployment.


Audio Visual Design & Advisory

Audio-visual content design is essential in any modern experience in tourism and cultural heritage.  We can help you choose the right technology, design your own and even realise it.

Our vision to have an augmented reality museum came to life through the guidance of the SeyTravel team.  They helped us develop the idea, assisted us with the implementation and supported us when launching the experience. 

Pierre Fenech - CEO, Mediterranean Conference Centre

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