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Who are we?

SeyTravel is a community of multidisciplinary professionals

ranging from tour guides, storytellers and artists to project managers, engineers and scientists who are focused on delivering positive, impactful and quality experiences.

We deliver our services through our three main operations:  

At Colour My Travel, we remain grounded with the day to day reality that tourists experience when travelling.

At Beyond Museums, we help sites venture beyond what they offer today for tomorrow's travellers.

In our Research & Development arm, we design and develop tomorrow's technology, which today might seem unreasonable.

Mindset for Quality.

by venturing into spaces few others did with an approach that nobody else took. We then blend this with the right technology for the right situation to deliver an impact that surpasses expectations.

Our Awards


Our Values

We believe that everyone expects and prefers a private experience.  We, therefore, make sure that no matter which experience we are delivered, every individual will feel valued and appreciated.

We understand that the pace of technology is faster than human adaptation. 

We believe that innovation happens through collaboration, respect and empathy.  This applies within the company and to all of our customers.

Our customers are partners.  Their feedback is the moral compass that we embrace and follow as raw as it can be.

We never stop asking questions. The status quo deserves no rest.

Research and Development are the bonding matter in everything we do.


Research without development is lame, and development without research is blind. Any idea without R&D is a step backwards.

Every contributing individual needs to feel ownership of everything we do.

We strive to make one another better than we are by sharing our failures so others to avoid them.

We believe that fear paralyses innovation, optimism sparks it.


We prototype what we think, refine it with feedback and repeat.


Progress is a conversation that needs to be honest, respectful and purposeful.

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